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Puzzle #10: Move 1 Plank to Make this Equation Correct

wooden plank puzzle 10

Some say that "math is the language of the universe."  Well, if that's true then the universe probably thinks this puzzle is gibberish!  6 + 4 does not equal 4!

Can you make a CORRECT equation out of this gibberish by moving only 1 plank?

Build the Equation with Brain Blox

We think these types of brain puzzles are a lot more fun if you build it yourself on a table so you can test out different ideas.  If you agree, then take 18 Brain Blox wooden planks (or anything with a similar shape) and lay them out on a table so they look like the puzzle in the above photo.

Next, see if you can make a correct equation by moving only 1 plank!

And guess what?  There's actually more than one solution for this puzzle!  So if you find one solution, you might want to try to see if you can find another.

Want a Hint?

Don't read any further unless you want some help solving this puzzle!

Hint #1: At least one possible solution has 0 as the first number.

Hint #2: Another possible solution has 8 as the first number.

Hint #3: A third possible solution uses a "not equal" sign.  Have you ever seen one of those?


Ready for the solution?  We'll show you two possible solutions below.  Here you go!

wood plank solution 10

wood plank solution 10-2

Share Your Ideas!

Did you find a different solution?  What about a solution that uses a "not equal" sign?

Or do you have a brain puzzle you'd like to share?

If so, leave a comment below!  The rest of "Brain Blox Nation" would love to hear from you!

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