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Puzzle #2: Move 3 Planks to Create 2 Squares

wooden plank puzzle 2

Do you see the 3 squares in the above photo?  (Theres 1 large square with 2 smaller squares inside)

Can you turn these 3 squares into 2 squares by moving only 3 planks?

Use Wooden Blocks if You Can

Brain puzzles are even more fun when you have something tangible to test out your ideas.  So grab 11 of your Brain Blox wooden planks for this puzzle.  (If you don't have Brain Blox, try using something with a similar shape, like thin markers or unsharpened pencils)

Want a Hint?

Don't read any further unless you want some help solving this puzzle!

Hint #1: The 1 large square that's there now will still be there after you solve the puzzle!

Hint #2: Move the 3 planks inside the large square.

Hint #3: The final solution will have the 1 large square and 1 smaller square that is outside (but connected to) the large square.


Ready for the solution?  Here you go!

wood plank solution 2

Share Your Ideas!

Did you find a different solution?  Or do you have a brain puzzle you'd like to share?

If so, leave a comment below!  Your friends in Brain Blox Nation would love to hear what you have to say!

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