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Puzzle #4: Move 3 Planks to Make the Fish Swim in the Opposite Direction

 wooden plank puzzle 4

Our goldfish, Dorthy, loves to swim!  But she reached the end of her fish tank and needs to turn around.  Can you help Dorthy swim in the opposite direction by moving only 3 planks?

And remember, she needs to swim in the opposite direction (to the right).  She doesn't want to swim up or down.

Grab Your Brain Blox

Use 8 wooden planks (or something with a similar shape if you don't have any Brain Blox around) to build your own Dorthy the goldfish on a table.  Then see if you can make Dorthy swim the other way by moving only 3 planks!

Want a Hint?

Don't read any further unless you want some help solving this puzzle!

Hint #1: When Dorthy turns around, she ends up either slightly higher or slightly lower than she was before.

Hint #2: You will not be moving planks from both the top and the bottom of Dorthy.  But you can choose whether you take 3 from the top or 3 from the bottom.


Ready for the solution?  Here you go!

wood plank solution 4

Here's a Bonus Challenge

Now that you know how to make Dorthy turn around, let's see if you can make her swim up or down!

But we'll make it a little tougher.  See if you can get her to swim up or down by moving only 2 planks!

We won't post the solution here, but if any of you figure it out be sure to tell us in the comments below?

Share Your Ideas!

Did you solve the puzzle?  What about the bonus challenge?  Leave a comment below to let everyone know!

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