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Puzzle #7: Move 4 Planks to Make 3 Squares

wooden plank puzzle 7

Calling all geometric geniuses!  The universe is running low on squares and needs your help!

Do you have what it takes to turn these 2 squares into 3 squares by moving 4 planks?


It doesn't matter what size the square is.  The only thing that matters is that the universe needs more squares before it's taken over by triangles and hexahedrons!

Time to Save the Universe!

Grab some Brain Blox building planks (or anything with a similar shape) and lay them out on a table so they look like the 2 squares in the above photo.

And this is where you save the universe!  Can you find a way to turn these 2 squares into 3 squares by moving only 4 planks?

Want a Hint?

Don't read any further unless you want some help solving this puzzle!

Hint #1: Try moving the 4 planks that make up the small square in the middle.

Hint #2: Can you use those 4 planks in the middle to make 2 new on each inside corner of the larger square?


Ready for the solution?  Here you go!

wood plank solution 7

Share Your Thoughts & Ideas!

Did you find a different solution to this puzzle?

Or do you have another brain teaser you'd like to share?

If so, leave a comment below!

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