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Puzzle #1: Move 3 Planks to Create 3 Identical Triangles

wooden plank puzzle 1

By moving the position of only 3 planks, can you turn this 1 triangle into 3 separate triangles?

Make it Tangible

Brain teasers like this are even more fun when you have something tangible to test out your ideas.  So grab 9 of your Brain Blox wooden planks for this puzzle.  (If you don't have Brain Blox, try using something with a similar shape, like markers or unsharpened pencils)

Want a Hint?

Don't read any further unless you want some help solving this puzzle!

Hint #1: The 3 triangles will all be smaller than the large triangle you start with.

Hint #2: Try moving the 3 planks at the center of each side of the triangle.

Hint #3: Can you make 3 smaller triangles out of the 3 "corners" of the large triangle?


Ready for the solution?  Here you go!

wood plank solution 1

Share Your Ideas!

Did you find a different solution?  Or do you have a brain puzzle you'd like to share?  If so, leave a comment below!

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